Project no longer active! Obviously, SimpleLog is outdated and no longer being developed. Feel free to branch the code for your own purposes!

A simple (and free!) Ruby on Rails weblog application

A Ruby on Rails weblog application that helps you focus on writing above all else. SimpleLog has all the features you want in a weblogging applicaton wrapped in an efficiently designed interface that eliminates clutter. By focusing on simplicity and usability, SimpleLog allows you to spend your time writing, rather than managing a convoluted CMS.

SimpleLog is written and maintained by Garrett Murray and released under the GPL license. In short, SimpleLog is free. Free as in freedom. See the LICENSE file for more.

Key features: Elegant administration interface, tagging, comments with spam protection, quick search with boolean logic, multiple author support, automatic pinging to Ping-o-matic, RSS 2.0 feeds, pretty permalinks, Markdown or Textile support, and more!

You can view more screenshots of the admin interface and default template at Flickr.

Download SimpleLog:  Version 2.0.2 (stable, released 14 February 2007)


Get help and documentation and more

Visit the SimpleLog wiki, the storehouse for useful information about installing, configuring, using, creating themes for and troubleshooting SimpleLog. Information is contributed by the developer, testers and users of the app. You'll find answers to common questions, guides for getting the most out of SimpleLog, links to people using the app and other useful tidbits.

Source and Trac

You may access the SVN repository for SimpleLog anonymously by using the username and password "anonymous" at Of course, everything in the trunk is cutting-edge and probably untested, so tread lightly.